• — Devashree Iyer, Chennai

    I am a retired teacher. I used to share many inspirational stories from IQ with my students. Today when I meet my old students, they tell me that they still remember some of those stories I had shared with them, and of how grateful they are to me. Thank you

  • — lrfan Manha, Delhi

    Your magazine is as awesome as ever! To say that I love only a few pages would be a misnomer, and that would be really unfair. How l adore IQ as a whole!

  • — Deepali Yadav

    I am a great ton of IQ. Every month I eagerly wait for it. IQ covers and captions are really captivating. I would love it even more if it included inspirational stories of film celebrities.

  • — Jayanti

    IQ is definitely a pool of knowledge and inspiration. It stands out from the rest in terms of content, style and flavour. IQ knows its readers and cares to cater to them all. Keep soaring high! And my best wishes!

  • – Sussan Pereira, Uttan

    A friend gift—subscribed IQ for me last year. Since then, I just love reading it, so much so that I can literally feel the difference in my perceptions and attitudes. More importantly, it makes a tremendous impact on my precious relationships. Keep up your good work!

  • – Prof V.S. Patil, Belgaum

    Benjamin Franklin once said, “If a man empties his purse into his head no one can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” Reading IQ has certainly paid me rich dividends, changing my career since last more than three decades.

  • – Sr Fatima CCV, Gujara

    I am a regular reader of IQ and I eagerly wait for it every month. Thanks to its contents, IQ really inspires me and helps in my day-to-day life! I have encouraged many students and teachers to read it, and many of them are now subscribers.



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