• – Tomy Issac Baby, Trivandrum

    I am an avid reader of I.Q. I love reading it because of its conglomeration of motivational quotes. It is full of life and energy. I appreciate the hard work and the commitment of I.Q team for this wonderful work.

  • – Trupty, Pune

    I have been subscribing to IQ for the last eight years. Getting a fresh copy of IQ every month is like a whiff of fresh air for me. It nourishes my heart and strengthens my resolve to face life head on. Thanks a million for taking all the troubles in the preparation of this tiny but truly inspiring magazine.

  • – Anil, Bengaluru

    I am a passionate reader of this lovely magazine called IQ. It always enriches me with new thoughts and inspiration to move forward in my life. Thank you so much for your wonderful service.

  • – Ningrei Gonmei, Manipur

    Hello! Congratulations to you and everyone involved in this amazing IQ magazine. I really love this magazine and I see and feel the heart and soul that went into it. I read a good number of magazines but yours is the one I enjoy reading the most. I am already looking forward to the next issue..

  • – Br Botham Patil, Pune

    IQ is the most beautiful magazine which full of WISDOM and INSPIRATION. It's like finding a PEARL at the bottom of the sea and touching the CLOUD from the highest peak of the mountain. IQ is my all-time favourite besides Holy Scripture. Oh dear IQ, I pray to God for you, so that you may climb the loftiest height and INSPIRE millions and billions and help their lives to give fragrance to the others.

  • – Nestar Kharmawphlang

    IQ has been my friend for many years. So many things have I been learning every time I get a copy. Thank you IQ team, hope it's getting better and better.

  • – Sr Maria G Nongrum, Nongstoin (Meghalaya)

    IQ has been a great source of inspiration to me. I have been reading it for the last three years. Whenever I receive the copy of IQ, the first thing that I do is to open the "Minute Motivators" column as well as "The Legend's Way". My sincere thanks to all the IQ Team for this valuable and wonderful work

  • – Archana, Bengaluru

    IQ means a lot to me in various ways. It brings back my sweet childhood days. It inspires me a lot by hearing inspirational quotes from some great people, seeing other people accomplish great things in life, seeing other people overcome adversity through perseverance. IQ reminds me how lucky I am to be alive.

  • – Pounakumbou Chawang, Taningjam, Manipur

    While I was in 11th standard my ma'am suggested me this booklet. I got a copy and since then I have never missed any issue. It helps me to deliver an inspiring quote or a heart touching story. Whenever I have to speak at any occasion, I flip through the pages of IQ. Every page is enriched with powerful message. I eagerly wait for every issue.


  • – J.Antony Ajith Kumar, Trivandrum

    I am a new reader of I.Q. I really enjoy reading it because it is full of motivational quotes. It teaches us the value of our life and it is a source of knowledge. I congratulate everybody at the IQ for the dedicated mission towards humanity through this book.

  • – Amit, Gumla (Jharkhand)

    IQ is a tiny book but it is of great value. It is interesting, thought-provoking and motivating. It takes care of every aspect of my life, enabling me to be more humane, mature, concerned and spiritual. Personally speaking, I have benefited a lot from this magazine; it has given me some tips for my personal growth and to be positive in life. I appreciate the hard work and dedication you all have put in to bring out such useful, interesting and inspiring booklet. Let this magazine continue to inspire many more people. God bless.



A public office holder died and at his funeral an office-seeker approached the governor of the state and asked if he could have the dead man’s place.

“I have no objection,” said the governor, “if the undertaker is willing.”

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