• — Klansing Nongrum, Cherrapunjee

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    The quotes and articles in the monthly magazine IQ are really meaningful and interesting. I am really challenged by your magazine and I look forward to make my friends regular subscribers of your magazine so that they too may benefit from it.

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  • — Grace Jovita, Coimbatore

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  • — Prasanth, Mysore

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    I have been with Inspirational Quote for many years now; it has been a constant source of inspiration for me. It is powerful in guiding and guarding me whenever I am in difficulties. I will continue to savour its eternal blessedness for years to come.



A lady was entertaining her friend’s little son.
“Are you sure you can cut your meat?” she asked as she watched him struggle with his steak.
“Oh yes,” he replied without looking up from his plate, “We often have it as tough as this one at home.”

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