• — John Chrispin, Chennai

    I am really happy to be a regular reader of your magazine. It enhances the world around me and stirs up my soul. This little magazine is very well produced and very inspiring indeed. Varieties of noble thoughts and the tips for practical life are what make IQ different from other magazines. IQ is awesome!

  • — Nishitha, Vijayawada

    I am a regular reader and subscriber of your magazine. Inspirational Quote is like a moon among all the shining stars which has its own potential and lustre. It inspires me all the time when I am low.

  • — Mathew Murmu, Assam

    I am a student of std-viii. I have been reading IQ since one and half year. IQ is interesting and meaningful that it will change one's life. Really IQ gives formulae how to succeed in life. Thanks a lot to IQ and the editorial staff.

  • — Sheelu Jaitly, Nagpur

    I am an avid reader of IQ for about last 10 years. I find this tiny monthly very inspiring, knowledgeable and motivating. I always carry a copy of it in my bag and read it whenever I want to relax. Each and every issue is a must read for me. My big thanks to the team of IQ. Keep up the good work.

  • — Mr M.L. Sampathraj, Bengaluru

    I am your reader for the last 30 years. Your Inspirational Quote magazine is a wonderful inspiring book, which has been helping me and inspiring me all these years and benefiting me a lot. I am in my last leg of my life, 89 years old.  Thank you all for the inspiring work. God bless you all!

  • — Dr. K. Venkattaraman, Puducherry

    It provides information from cover to cover,
    In this aspect it fails never.
    Hardly, will we be able to find,
    A magazine so nice of its kind.
    It is a monthly periodical with 48 pages,
    But, it is liked and read by people of all ages.
    It is a perennial source of information,
    And inspires the youth to fulfil their aspiration.
    It provides a very wide coverage,
    For wisdom seekers, it is a good beverage.
    IQ certainly improves our knowledge,
    With lot of thanks to its team, I acknowledge.am, I acknowledge.

  • — Dr Rufus Manicksdoss, Vellore

    IQ has been a source of remedy to trials and tribulations in my life. It also has been nurturing my mind through positive ideas to face any sort of situations and challenges. I hope that the innovative ideas of IQ could be a boon companion to the people for years to come. All the best!

  • — Amanda Nongthombam, Imphal

    “If you love something, you will find a lot of time for it,” – APJ Abdul Kalam, The IQ quoted in the last edition (October). I agree with it cent per cent. Perhaps it was the first time I spent some time to read a book of this genre. I loved it and found a lot of time to read it. True to the core I couldn’t stop reading it. I made use of it by noting down the touching points. As the title suggests IQ inspired me to a great extent and I have suggested it to many of my friends. Expecting the same result from the next one I am eagerly awaiting its arrival. Thank you IQ.

  • — Valentina Sequeira, Mangaluru

    I am a student of Std X. I’ve been an ardent reader of IQ since three years. IQ is so inspiring and of great value to me. It’s a great source to enrich one’s life. Great job, IQ editorial team. Keep soaring high!!!!

  • — Rosonnong Thombam (Mail)

    Life is full of ups and downs. Whenever I’m down 20-30% of my worries instantly fades away because I know that every morning, sometimes in the evening, when I go to our open farm, sit there and enjoy the beautiful scenery with IQ in my hand, I will be rejuvenated.

  • — Dr Sanjay Aggarwal, Himachal Pradesh

    September issue is full of inspiration & ignition. I salute IQ for being an excellent teacher. Teacher’s day falls on September 5. IQ deserves honours on this day. ‘Heads in the forest, Hands in the society’. This excellent teaching should go parallel with IQ. Thanks.




A huge man walked into a bar and said, ‘Is there a guy called Tyson here? He called a second time. When he called a third time a little fellow came out and said, ‘I am Tyson.’ The tough guy beat him up badly and threw him in the corner and left the bar. Getting up the little fellow said to all the surprised onlookers. “Boy did I fool him! I am not Tyson.”

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