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  • – Silvia Momin, Shillong

    Dear IQ, I am a new subscriber, but then I got lots of knowledge from you. I know that you can light up the world and save it from the engulfing darkness especially in this time of great uncertainty. I wish to be your reader till the end of my life. Continue your good work of inspiring souls.

  • – Archana P, Trivandrum

    Whenever I feel low and dispirited in life IQ comes across to me as my dependable companion. I gain a lot of insights as I read through the pages. I thank the editor for producing such a gem of high standard of practical living.

  • – Kuldeep Dungdung, Ranchi

    Whenever I have to prepare a speech or article, I refer to IQ as my resource book! The pain-staking efforts taken by the editorial board in bringing novelty and variety to the content makes sure that this tiny magazine continues to be relevant even in this period of digital revolution. I salute the whole team for their tireless work and dedication in bringing out this lovely magazine. Wish you all success and satisfaction in your work.

  • – Kavita Nagesh, Bengaluru

    I am a regular reader of IQ for the past four years and have been enjoying reading it, and sharing the messages and inspiring quotes with everyone. Thank you for giving such a resourceful magazine which really enlightens my mind and heart. All the best!

  • – Amulya Reddy, Hydrabad

    Inspirational Quote is an awesome magazine with many inspiring quotes and moral values. I feel myself very proud of reading it every month, gaining new insights and feel myself motivated to do something good for society. Thank you IQ team for such clean thoughts.

  • – Victor Paumai, Kohima

    I am a new reader of IQ. I enjoy reading it because it is full of useful and inspiring quotes and anecdotes. I get a lot of material from IQ for my day-to-day life. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone associated with this magazine. I pray that your mission and dedicated service may touch many more lives. All the best!

  • – Jinu K.C, Bengaluru

    The articles in IQ have inspired and helped me to be more focused in my life as a working professional and to love what I do. The thoughts helped me to revitalize my life and to have openness to new ideas and changes. Thanks a lot for your great work.

  • – Sneha Benny, Calicut

    I sincerely thank the editor and team IQ for making digitally available the May & June issues of IQ. Thanks to their effort I could savour the sweetness of IQ uninterrupted for the last five years. I appreciate the pain-staking effort by the entire editorial team to select appropriate themes for each month and serving me with unmatched wisdom and endless motivation.

  • – Nagraj Muthu, Madurai

    I am a retired teacher. I have been a reader of Inspirational Quote for so many years. I have learnt a lot of wonderful and lasting lessons for life from your magazine and have imparted those lessons to many of my students. I am glad to say that many of my students continue to subscribe IQ even today. I thank and appreciate you for the effective way you have been leading the youth through your thought-provoking articles. I wish you all the success in your endeavours.

  • – Prathibha Devi, Odissa

    I am a new subscriber to IQ. I am impressed by the inspiring contents throughout the magazine. I am a teacher by profession. IQ helps me in guiding the young students in the school. It is indeed an inspirational gem.

  • – Archana Robin, USA

    I appreciate IQ for the inspiring anecdotes, stories, poems and quotes. It has something to offer for everyone from all walks of life. Continue the great work.

  • – Niranjan G., Itanagar

    I am a regular reader of Inspirational Quote for many years. Ever since my class teacher introduced IQ to me in my high school days, I have grown in deep appreciation of this magazine. Now as a working professional, I find the inexhaustible riches contained in IQ simply irreplaceable. I use the practical life lessons of IQ to motivate myself as well as my team especially in moments of disappointment. Kudos to the entire team for such a marvellous work!


  • – Sr Merline Diaz, Panjim

    I would like to place on record my deepest sentiments of appreciation to team IQ for the wonderful service to humanity! I really love your columns such as Beyond the Ordinary, Just a Moment Please, Musings and The Voice of IQ. Wish you all success in your noble endeavour. God bless!



A man wrote to a hotel asking if his dog would be allowed to stay there.
He received the following answer:
Dear Sir, I have been in the hotel industry for over half a century. Never yet had I to call the police to eject a disorderly dog. No dog has ever tried to pass a false cheque. Never has a dog set the bed clothes alight through smoking. I have never found a hotel towel in a dog’s suitcase. Your dog is welcome. And if your dog can vouch for you, you too are welcome.\"

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