• – Delina Roy, Pune

    I congratulate the entire editorial team of Inspirational Quote for such a remarkable job in bringing out the magazine of high standard regularly. I am a new reader of your esteemed magazine and I must say that I have fallen in love with this tiny treasure trove already. All the articles are well selected, clean and truly inspiring especially for the youth. Keep inspiring. All the best to you.


  • – Arvind Kashyap, Orissa

    I am very much impressed with the topics and the presentation of IQ. I take time to read IQ from page to page and benefit a lot in my personal life. I have recommended this beautiful magazine to a number of my friends who told me that they too have made progress in their emotional life. Thank you so much for your dedication and service. Please make available all the back issues of IQ for avid readers like me since I have not received all the copies of this year due to lockdown and other reasons.

  • – Payal S, Meerut

    After having read Inspirational Quote for the first time, I must say that IQ is truly an awesome magazine. I came across your magazine in our college library and instantly liked the choice and presentation of themes. Thank you for all the motivational quotes and anecdotes. I look forward to reading the coming issues too.

  • – K. Sasikiran, Sainik School, Korukonda, AP

    As a teacher I have been motivating myself through this legendary and amazing tiny book. I motivated my disciples to join Indian Armed Forces and other walks of life. Many cute and young cadets have become dynamic officers in the Army, Air force, and Navy because of these highly inspirational quotes, anecdotes, facts and stories. IQ team is doing a tremendous job and we are grateful to you. IQ can change a person, the society and the whole nation. Thank you!

  • – Nestarjune Marbaniang, Meghalaya

    I am immensely thankful for your great and notable work in publishing Inspirational Quote. IQ helped me to boost my vocabulary and to tide over a critical and difficult time. I hope that your work will inspire more persons to come out of their difficulties and be successful in life.

  • – Maya Dev, Bengaluru

    IQ is an awesome magazine with full of motivating thoughts and uplifting moral stories and anecdotes. I feel myself very proud of reading it every month, gaining new insights and feel myself motivated especially in times of indecision and sadness. I thank the whole team for your fabulous work and I wish you all the best.

  • — Reymond Thombom, Imphal

    I have been a regular reader and admirer of Inspirational Quote for the last 10 years. I really enjoyed reading the November edition of IQ on the theme 'Let your Light Shine'. The many examples of exemplary people and their noble deeds for the humanity motivate me to make use of all my talents and potentials before I finally say bye to this world. It was indeed a rejuvenating experience for me to read this tiny magazine.

  • — Arvind P., Nasik

    I love reading IQ. It has become my constant companion and when I feel lonely and let down in life, I always read the inspiring anecdotes and stories in the IQ. Thank you so much, the editor and the team, for this wonderful magazine. You inspire many tired souls with your dedicated work.

  • – Margaret Momin, Tura

    I am a regular reader of Inspirational Quote. It has been a source of comfort and solace for me in moments of struggles and confusion. I will continue to savour its eternal blessedness for years to come. Thank you so much dear editor for such a noble work.

  • – Prakash Gurung, Guwahati

    I am an avid reader of Inspirational Quote. It helps me to be more reflective about my life and be more in touch with my inner being. When I feel so helpless in my life, I count on IQ for solace and guidance. Congrats and a big thanks to the entire IQ team for such a noble contribution to the society in moulding individuals.

  • – Nimisha Babu, Calicut

    I simply love this tiny magazine IQ. As soon as I get the fresh copy of IQ, I finish reading all the inspiring articles in one go! The ideas presented are awesome and clean. This is indeed a treasure of lasting values for all the young people like me who experience at least at some point of time uncertainties and lose direction. I place on record my sincerest appreciation to the editor and his team for this wonderful contribution to society. Keep going and all the best!

  • — Athira Suresh, Kottayam, Kerala

    It was the first time I got IQ in my hand and I really cherished reading it from cover to cover. I made use of it by noting down the striking points. As the title suggests, IQ motivated me to a great extent and I have suggested it to many of my friends. I am sure that as I am inspired, they too will have the same result reading this treasure chest. I am eagerly waiting for the next issues of IQ, expecting the same result in my life. Thank you so much team IQ!

  • – Rani Kumari, Patna

    I enjoy reading IQ because it provides me with valuable and practical information as to how to lead my life meaningfully. I really like the carefully selected themes for each month and the matching articles in every issue. I am thankful to the editorial team for preparing and making IQ available online even in the lockdown days. I am sure that many people are getting inspired and enriched by your noble endeavour. Congratulations and best wishes.


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