• – Arul Selvi, Chennai

    Congratulations to IQ and all those who work behind this inspiring magazine. It is a great source of stimulation that takes me from where I am to where I want to be in life.

  • – Ronald, Mysore

    I am thrilled to be a regular reader of this insightful magazine. IQ is something that truly fills my life with inspiring and motivating thoughts to make my goals and dreams come true.

  • – Smitha, Mumbai

    IQ is an inspiring monthly magazine. It is very much useful for anyone who wants to grow in every aspect of human person and to be ever motivated in life. This tiny magazine really helps me in many ways to live my life cheerfully.

  • – Monica D’Souza, Goa

    Ever since I came to know IQ, it has been my constant companion in my career as a teacher. My students too benefit a lot from this magazine as I share thoughts from it.

  • – Bindu, Orissa

    I am a new subscriber of IQ. It really inspires me with positive thoughts and anecdotes. I am a teacher by profession. IQ helps me greatly in guiding the young students in the school. It is indeed an inspirational gem.


  • – Arul Anto, Anna Nagar, Chennai

    The new column 'Minute Motivators' is really motivating for me. Tips that appear in the column are very useful for my life especially the assurance that the lasting change is really possible. Continue to motivate youngsters like me. All the best!

  • – Nigrel, Mumbai

    I am a regular reader of IQ. I liked the editorial of February issue. The article you quoted on Heart a Symbol of Love was very inspiring. "Yet your heart is so much more than a vessel for romance. It has been described as the king, with the mind as the king's adviser. When faced with a decision, the king may ask his advisers for advice, but ultimately it is the king that makes the final decision." I am impressed by these above lines where the heart is described as a king who makes the final decision in life. Congrats to the editorial team of IQ.

  • – Babu Gudime, Andra Pradesh

    I am a regular reader of IQ for the past four years and have been enjoying reading it, and sharing the messages and quotations with everyone. Thank you for giving such a wonderful magazine, which really enlightens my mind and heart. All the best!

  • – Roman Riamroi Inpui, Manipur

    Hello IQ, I am a new subscriber, but then I got a lots of knowledge and wisdom from you. You are a tiny magazine but your words are greater than bigger magazines and books that are produced in the world. I know that you can light up the world and save it from the darkness. I will be your reader till my last breath.

  • – Robindro Khwairakpam, Manipur

    All the words in IQ are treasure imperishable, eye-opener, inspirational gems and foods for my thought. It matters in life that the voice of IQ sharpens my mind. When things go wrong, the anecdotes of the greats boost the art of living to discover my real self. The success principles, from the Grammar of right living, point to ponder the lessons for growth beyond the ordinary.

  • — Tom Jose, Calicut

    Thank you for your monthly magazine IQ. It has become the greatest friend of mine. Be with me always. Never depart from me.



“Let’s go to the sun. It will make India famous.”
“But we’ll melt before we reach the sun.”
“Don’t be silly. We’ll go at night.”

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