• — Thomson, Pune

    Oh dear IQ! You are tiny
    But all what you contain is honey.
    You seem to be, in size, so small
    Yet hope I, you stand tall among all.
    Every letter of yours has a kind of wisdom
    That which chases from me the boredom.
    I wish you honey, live long
    To inspire and make many hearts strong...

  • — DCLA, Panjim

    We take this opportunity to say a word of thanks and appreciation to your wonderful work. We acknowledge your concern towards us by posting to us your monthly magazine. We also appreciate the hard efforts you are putting in and educating us.

  • — P Francis, Rome

    "A good book is more valuable than a thousand bad friends". It is that IQ makes this statement true very often for it inspires and encourages me as my friends do. Though you grow old in years, your content is always new. Thank you IQ and the team working round the clock for making many readers addicted to it.

  • — Dr Sanjay Aggarwal, Solan H.P.

    I'm a Laproscopic Surgeon. For so many years my son got me 'IQ' from school. Passed out he missed the subscription. I was feeling something missing from my life. I specially got IQ Subscribed at my hospital. IQ is really different. It speaks the language of love, compassion & service.

  • — Rohan R. Saraf, Nasik.

    I am a great admirer of the content and the stuff in IQ. it's very informative. I am a regular reader of IQ. IQ is charmingly concise as to enhance every bit of its most engrossing capabilities. IQ brings a significant change in the thoughts and makes one reflect and change the stories. IQ is like a Treasure to me. It's the perfect combination of quotes, stories, anecdotes, fun and knowledge, and finally makes a good recipe of information and thoughts. Thank you for making such a wonderful Magazine.

  • — Kishanbasnet (Mail)

    The monthly IQ is a great idea of motivation among every human beings especially youth. It gives us a sense of pride of being human and power to face the challenges of our daily life. Thank you IQ!

  • — Lindsy, Assam

    I came across issues of IQ through a friend. It's a brilliant job. Each content is interesting. Congrats to the entire editorial team! Keep up the good work of inspiring and motivating readers.

  • — Pradipkumar, Manipur

    Dear IQ, I am waiting for your next edition but but it does not occur right now. I am thirsting to read the next edition. Thanks to all the staff of the IQ for your relentless work.

  • — Botham Patil, MH

    The work you are doing through your tiny magazine is not comparable even to the thickest books. A big thanks to you and your whole team. I am a constant reader of IQ.

  • — Heigrujam Krishna Singh, Thoubal.

    Not all medicines heal pains. Lovely, motivational, encouraging and inspirational words are also healers. This tiny magazine helped me a lot to be strong during the most painful moments of my life. Now, I have positive attitude towards insurmountable odds. God bless IQ team for your right choice of words for millions of readers.



A man at a concert — he had 3 ladies in front of him complaining about their health.
“My lungs are bad,” said one.
“My liver is terrible,” said another.
“My spleen is spent,” said the third.
Fed up, the man said. “Will you please shut up. I have come here to hear a concert — not an organ recital.”

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