• – Ethan John Jagadeesh, Telengana

    'Inspirational Quote' is really inspiring and intriguing. The columns like 'It matters in life', are studded with fascinating facts. On the whole, the book is enlightening, enriching and a good help in the pursuit of knowledge. Thanks to 'Inspirational Quote'.


  • – Prathap SJ

    Dear IQ team, I was glad to read November issue of the magazine. Theme was good. I liked the success principles and self-esteem column. I realized that 90% of our sickness we create by ourselves. IQ heals the sickness which doctors cannot heal. The article published in the August issue (clean your window panel) was an inspiring one. Thanks a lot. Keep growing to help us.

  • – Arockia Anand A, Trivandrum

    It has been three years when I was introduced to IQ. I always carry with me one or two IQ to boost myself at times of feeling low. It fills me with positive energy and positive outlook. I really relish and cherish every bit of it. It gives me an opportunity to share the positive thoughts with others. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to IQ team for your fabulous effort of motivating the readers.

  • – Sylvester Pariong, Shillong

    Your magazine "Inspirational Quote" is a wonderful and amazing little booklet. It contains lots of precious and inspiring words of wisdom. Although I am a new reader, I find it very helpful for me as a student. I will continue reading and learn more from it. Commending your efforts to inspire us, I remain.

  • – Tomy Issac Baby, Trivandrum

    I am an avid reader of I.Q. I love reading it because of its conglomeration of motivational quotes. It is full of life and energy. I appreciate the hard work and the commitment of I.Q team for this wonderful work.

  • – Trupty, Pune

    I have been subscribing to IQ for the last eight years. Getting a fresh copy of IQ every month is like a whiff of fresh air for me. It nourishes my heart and strengthens my resolve to face life head on. Thanks a million for taking all the troubles in the preparation of this tiny but truly inspiring magazine.

  • – Anil, Bengaluru

    I am a passionate reader of this lovely magazine called IQ. It always enriches me with new thoughts and inspiration to move forward in my life. Thank you so much for your wonderful service.

  • – Ningrei Gonmei, Manipur

    Hello! Congratulations to you and everyone involved in this amazing IQ magazine. I really love this magazine and I see and feel the heart and soul that went into it. I read a good number of magazines but yours is the one I enjoy reading the most. I am already looking forward to the next issue..



The Magician was at his best cutting a woman in two by a saw. The audience was impressed. A man went up to him and enquired, “When did you learn this trick?”
“When I was a child.”
“Are there any more children in your family?
“Yes, I have several half sisters.”

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