• – Pounakumbou Chawang, Taningjam, Manipur

    While I was in 11th standard my ma'am suggested me this booklet. I got a copy and since then I have never missed any issue. It helps me to deliver an inspiring quote or a heart touching story. Whenever I have to speak at any occasion, I flip through the pages of IQ. Every page is enriched with powerful message. I eagerly wait for every issue.


  • – J.Antony Ajith Kumar, Trivandrum

    I am a new reader of I.Q. I really enjoy reading it because it is full of motivational quotes. It teaches us the value of our life and it is a source of knowledge. I congratulate everybody at the IQ for the dedicated mission towards humanity through this book.

  • – Amit, Gumla (Jharkhand)

    IQ is a tiny book but it is of great value. It is interesting, thought-provoking and motivating. It takes care of every aspect of my life, enabling me to be more humane, mature, concerned and spiritual. Personally speaking, I have benefited a lot from this magazine; it has given me some tips for my personal growth and to be positive in life. I appreciate the hard work and dedication you all have put in to bring out such useful, interesting and inspiring booklet. Let this magazine continue to inspire many more people. God bless.

  • — P. Precioustone, (Pynursla), Meghalaya

    The content of every page of this small lovely magazine has a powerful message to enrich my life, broaden my mind and prepares one to accept every situation of life. So, I sincerely thank the editorial team who really work hard to bring out this mag every month, which inspires and motivates my life.

  • – Gloretta Nongrum, Shillong

    I have been reading this magazine, IQ, for many years. It has inspired and motivated me in many ways. Every single page is very thought-provoking and insightful. It helps me also to nourish myself by reading it every day.

  • – Ramyas, Mysore

    I am a regular reader of your magazine IQ. I love to read your magazine early in the morning and before going to bed every day. Thank you so much for your kind work. I really benefit a lot from your tiny and beautiful magazine.

  • – Bipin Baghwar, Jharkhand

    IQ is an awesome magazine. I really love and like it. This gives me ideas, inspiration to be joyful and cheerful in life. This has been encouraging me to perform well in all areas of my life. Thank you IQ and team. Keep going!

  • – Thomas Antony, Chennai

    I am always aspiring to inspire the people of God before I expire! The IQ is really helping me to inspire others. Thank you IQ and keep going!!!

  • -Manasi Kapoor, Ludhiyana.

    Inspirational Quote is really inspiring. I love all your features. Continue the good works of inspiring and motivating individuals.

  • – Michael, Shillong

    IQ is a pool of resource indeed! Great job team IQ.

  • – Anushree Vijaya Harshan

    Dear IQ team, thank you for going green with the latest paper packing. Inspirational Quote is awesome.



A man entered a concert hall with his domineering wife.
They arrived late, so she asked a neighbour, “What are they playing?”
“The fifth symphony.”
Wife: “Thank God, we missed the first four.”

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