• — Hemanti Xess, Jharkhand

    I am benefiting a lot from reading IQ every time. It helps in the overall development of my life. Congratulations to all of you!

  • — Prashant, Mysore

    It is my great pleasure to read IQ every month and to derive motivation from it in my daily life. I am very much grateful to you.

  • — Sangamitra Bora, Assam

    I started reading IQ three years ago; since then I am totally a renewed person. Everything is inspirational in IQ and it is good for all age groups. Keep doing your good work.

  • — Suaihiam Rongmei, Manipur

    Congratulations for the lovely issue of October! Mainly the editorial, "Be an inspiration" was really awesome and stimulating. All the best for the entire team for carrying out such wonderful work.

  • — Joseph Abraham, Calicut

    I wish to express my deep appreciation for your fascinating magazine. Truly IQ is very inspiring and informative. It is like fresh oxygen to me every month. Cheers to you and your excellent team.

  • — Rozy , Mumbai

    Dear Sir, a day begun with an inspiring thought is half done. My day begins with a good and motivating thought from IQ, "Quotes for the Month". I also without fail send them to all my Whats app friends and they are very grateful to me.

  • — Cola, Villupuram

    Facts on boxing which appeared in September issue of IQ were very informative and useful to me personally as I am interested in this game. I look forward to many more pieces of information.

  • — Veda, Coimbatore

    Sir, I like the column "Twitter or Tweet". It is very inspiring especially when it is by famous personalities of India. I humbly request you to choose thoughts from Indian thinkers. Thank you.

  • — Deepa, Calicut

    I am a regular reader of IQ for the past seven years and have been enjoying reading it. Thank you for giving me such useful and motivating thoughts which enlightens my mind and heart. Congratulations to your team members.

  • — Sudha, Tanjore

    Kudos to IQ editorial team, who really work hard to make this very handy and inspiring magazine reach the reader on time. I love and enjoy reading every page of IQ.


  • — P. Doss, Hyderabad

    This refers to the cover picture and cover quote of July issue 2017. ‘The only disability in life is a bad attitude’ is very true in today’s society. You have chosen an apt picture. Congrats!



A man died in a road accident and the insurance people went to present a twenty-thousand dollar cheque to his widow. While thanking them, the widow said, “Better dead than alive.”

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