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  • – Fathima, Udalguri, Assam

    I am a great lover of IQ published by you. This monthly is good for people from all walks of life – young and old, students and working professionals, students and teachers and people from all religious background. The simple yet profound articles touch the core of individual's life and make him/her come in contact with his/her inner realities. I personally found IQ a very trust-worthy companion for life.

  • – Mukta, New Delhi

    I find IQ a relevant tool in the hands of young people like me who often stand perplexed in the face of unexpected and painful predicament in life. It helps me to discover the fact that I have within myself what I require to cope with harsh realities of life and come out victorious fully aware that I am created for a purpose. Thank you team IQ for your valuable service.

  • – Romeo Thingom, Imphal

    IQ is a good magazine for all. The topics are relevant and interesting. I am enjoying all your articles for the past few years. Please continue your great work of motivating many lives. Your work is greatly appreciated.

  • – Asif M. Aurangabad

    I congratulate the editor and team of IQ for their dedicated mission of inspiring millions of lives with the timely and relevant topics. I highly appreciate the topics like The voice of IQ, In a Nutshell, Beyond the Ordinary and Mass Media and You. I pray to the Almighty that you will be constantly supported in this noble and challenging endeavour.

  • – Daniel Khyriem, Shillong

    IQ is a small magazine with lot of treasure in it. I love reading and learning new things in 'boost your vocabulary' and your articles are really inspiring. There are many things that make me feel pleasure to read your magazine.


  • – Sr Jessa, Cochin

    I really appreciate the mag Inspirational Quote. We are getting it for our school. Thanks for the wonderful message for the New Year 2020.

  • – Tanusree, Kolkotta

    It is a pleasure for me to read Inspirational Quote every month. It keeps giving me good cheer even in times of difficulties. It is a true companion for me to lift my spirit when I feel let down in life. Thank you for the great work.

  • – Shaun D’Silva, Thumba

    I have been reading Inspirational Quote for the past few years. I have been inspired each moment of my life. Whenever I lose interest in my work I just relax using Inspirational Quote. I am passionate about reading Inspirational Quote and improvise my life. I like reading 'celebrate life'. Thank you Inspirational Quote and team.

  • – Ashish Soy, Thiruvananthapuram

    When I came to know about IQ, I fell madly in love with it. From then onwards, IQ became a precious treasure in my life. Every month I eagerly wait to quench my thirst for wisdom and knowledge. I thank the editor for working selflessly to bring out every new issue. I pray that it may continue to serve us for years to come.



Clifford wanted to swim in the river Zambezi in Mosambique. He asked the few boys hanging around:
“Are there sharks in the river?”
“No sharks.”
He jumped in and was enjoying himself. To make doubly sure he shouted to the boys.
“Are you sure there are no sharks in the river?”
“No sharks — Sharks are afraid of crocodiles.”

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