• – Dayanand Edappally, Kottayam

    Whenever I have to prepare a speech or article, I refer to your magazine which is a treasure house of wisdom and wit. I can always find in it a suitable quotation for any occasion. Many thanks for your valuable work.


  • – Shanthi, Mumbai

    Congratulations to the editor and all those who work behind this magazine. It is with great pleasure that I read the fantastic magazine (IQ). Each issue of IQ fills me with noble thoughts and ideas particularly with its special article according to the theme of the month.

  • – Aravind Kujur, Odisha

    I am a fan of this motivating magazine ever since I came across it. Though this magazine seems to be small, contents are wide enough to cover all aspects of our life to be better people. I salute the whole team for their hard and tireless works for this lovely magazine.

  • – Merin, Pune

    As a devoted reader of IQ, I read and re-read all the articles present in it. It always gives me positive thoughts and brings out the optimism in me. All the lessons and tips that IQ gives to the youngsters as well as adults are really useful. IQ has messages for every person irrespective of the age group which can be life-changing or motivating. Continue inspiring people. Good wishes!

  • — Kennedy, Bengaluru

    Congratulations dear IQ editorial team! IQ is a best friend of mine; it keeps me going in life. I always find in it solutions to most of my problems and challenges. I treasure all the issues in my rack. In moments of failure, pain, success and joy, I just pull out any copy from the shelf and I find it energizing. Thanks a lot.

  • — Monica, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

    A word of appreciation and gratitude to IQ team from my entire family for strengthening our family bond. We are four of us in the family. As soon as we receive the IQ, the whole family comes together to read and share motivating thoughts. We literally fight for the copy.

  • — Nikita, Chennai

    Respected Sir, I am proud to be an avid reader of IQ. It keeps me inspired, motivated and charged with positive thoughts. Congratulations to IQ team.

  • — Vinoth, Mumbai

    I am a regular reader of IQ since last two years. I would request the team to dedicate half a page on Tongue Twisters. It will greatly help us youngsters to speak fluently in our public speaking.

  • – Arul Selvi, Chennai

    Congratulations to IQ and all those who work behind this inspiring magazine. It is a great source of stimulation that takes me from where I am to where I want to be in life.

  • – Ronald, Mysore

    I am thrilled to be a regular reader of this insightful magazine. IQ is something that truly fills my life with inspiring and motivating thoughts to make my goals and dreams come true.

  • – Smitha, Mumbai

    IQ is an inspiring monthly magazine. It is very much useful for anyone who wants to grow in every aspect of human person and to be ever motivated in life. This tiny magazine really helps me in many ways to live my life cheerfully.



“Waiter, this coffee has a taste of mud.”
Waiter : “I guess Sir, it is because the coffee was just ground.”

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