• — Sudha, Tanjore

    Kudos to IQ editorial team, who really work hard to make this very handy and inspiring magazine reach the reader on time. I love and enjoy reading every page of IQ.


  • — P. Doss, Hyderabad

    This refers to the cover picture and cover quote of July issue 2017. ‘The only disability in life is a bad attitude’ is very true in today’s society. You have chosen an apt picture. Congrats!

  • — Miller, Pune

    I am an avid reader of IQ for years. I like all the pages but as soon as I receive IQ in hand my eyes go to pages 29 and 30, the ‘Anecdotes of the Great’ and ‘Cleanings from Mahatmas’. These two columns are simply superb.

  • — Ghanshyam H. Bharucha

    The August 2017 issue of ‘INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE’ is very excellent. This small magazine is a wonderful guide in my life. Learning is most important and valuable in our life. I am learning to be more positive in my attitude. This positive approach keeps me happy and content in life. Congrats and best wishes to the IQ team!

  • — Xeraphine Xavier, Chennai

    I like the column 'Origin of Everyday Things', because it comes to me as a new piece of knowledge. I also come to know the history of things I use every day. I share this knowledge with my students in the school and they benefit a lot. Thanks to IQ for providing such a wonderful piece of information.

  • — Kitty Nigrel, Roha

    This refers to the editorial 'A Healthy Attitude' by R. Gregory (IQ, July 2017). It was really very inspiring and helped me to pause and examine my own attitude in life. I wish him to keep writing and inspiring many like me.

  • — Vinoth, Kerala

    I have been reading IQ for many years. I write this from my experience that all the pages from cover to cover carry inspiring quotes and anecdotes. They are very useful to me and I eagerly look forward to receive the magazine.

  • — Shemjingsuk Kharbuli, Meghalaya

    It is my great pleasure to read IQ every month and to derive inspiration for my day-to-day life. Thanks for the great work you do through IQ. Congratulations!

  • – Ghsnshysm H Bharucha, Virar, Mumbai

    I am a regular reader of IQ for last ten years. My favourite monthly magazine is “INSPIRSTIONAL QUOTE” which is a masterpiece. Every issue encourages me to live a happy life. All the quotes are excellent and outstanding. Certainly I can say IQ is best among the other magazines. All the best and good wishes!

  • – Sathish Praveen, Mysore

    “Wisdom Evergreen” has come up differently with explanation for each proverb in the last few months. It is thought-provoking. Thanks for giving explanation to each proverbs. It is very useful to ponder upon those proverbs especially among the students.The quotes and articles in the monthly magazine IQ are really meaningful and interesting. I am really challenged by your magazine and I look forward to making my friends regular subscribers of your magazine so they too may benefit from it.

  • – Mahesh, Bengaluru

    I am a regular subscriber of IQ and I enjoy reading every column in the magazine. It is indeed worth reading as it provides a wide variety of interesting thoughts and poems which are really inspiring. Keep up the good work that you are doing.



A man entered a concert hall with his domineering wife.
They arrived late, so she asked a neighbour, “What are they playing?”
“The fifth symphony.”
Wife: “Thank God, we missed the first four.”

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