• — Chintha Murthy, Vijayawada

    I am a regular reader of Inspirational Quote. I must say that this tiny magazine has helped me to come out of my grief after having lost a close friend to Covid-19. IQ taught me to value life and look for the stars even in the darkest phase of life. Thank you for inspiring me to get on with my precious life and find fulfilment and happiness.

  • – Milani Gilbert, Chennai

    I had my hands on Inspirational quote recently when my husband gave me a 3 years' subscription of IQ as a gift. As an avid reader of philosophy, psychology and scientific books, I was curious to know what a tiny monthly magazine could offer. But I must say, IQ has surprised me in more ways than one. Growing up, we often forget the basics and the starting point of things that we once loved. IQ was that reminder to me. The simple quotes and messages have made me ponder and realize much bigger things that I once loved and have forgotten growing up. Though small by size, the knowledge and the inspiration it offers has no bounds. Thank you to the team in IQ for putting up amazing content and always has something new to offer every month. Keep Inspiring.

  • – Tanya Pradeep, Kottayam, Kerala

    I enjoy reading Inspirational Quote and eagerly wait for it every month! It is the only magazine I take time to read cover to cover because I find IQ a treasure chest of unending inspiration. IQ helps me to augment my knowledge, elevates my mind and creates in me a cheerful disposition. I wish God's blessings on you and your team as you reach out to many through IQ.

  • – Nagesh Ravikumar, Bengaluru

    IQ can be called an effective life-tonic! It is capable of curing many of life's ills, solving its numerous problems, and effectively guiding confused minds. What is unique about IQ is that it is a magazine for everyone. It is both a family friend and personal guide. I can recommend this tiny treasure trove without any hesitation to anyone because of its clean contents. Continue the great work, dear editor and team. Wishing you great contentment in inspiring millions of lives.

  • – Aswini Kumar, Patna

    I am a teacher by profession and I came in touch with Inspirational Quote recently. I am proud to say that I use the contents in the IQ for my online classes as I get a lot of inspiring anecdotes, stories and quotes which are effective in beating the boredom in my students. My humble suggestion to the editorial team is that including more quotes from Indian authors/great personalities will enrich the magazine further.

  • – Angela Momin, Tura, Meghalaya

    Inspirational Quote is unique in its presentation and contents. It focuses on the holistic development of the person. I really love to read and get inspired by the many apt quotes and other well-researched articles in IQ. I must say that IQ does a humongous service to the nation. It is a wonderful and faithful companion for young persons like me. Kudos to the editor and team for such a wonderful service to the nation!

  • – Patricia Mukhim, Jowai, Meghalaya

    It is my great pleasure to read Inspirational Quote every month and to get motivated to experience life in its fullness. Thank you for the great work you do through IQ. Congratulations and God's blessings.

  • – Nichole, Mumbai

    A friend of mine arranged for me a year's gift subscription to IQ. After having gone through the first few issues of 2021 I have realized the true worth and usefulness of this noble magazine. It is indeed a perfect guide for practical living as all the articles in it are truly inspirational. I have fallen in love with IQ and have taken initiative to promote it in our housing society. God bless you for providing such a gem for purposeful living.

  • – Pradeep V., Noida

    IQ is a splendid monthly which I look forward to reading regularly. The contents are worth reading and quoting on various occasions. The selection of the cover pictures is superb and apt in conveying the theme for every month. I feel that the inclusion of more quotes and articles from Indian authors will improve the quality of the contents to a great extent. I congratulate you and your team for your dedication in bringing out the magazine every month. All the best team IQ!

  • – Delina Roy, Pune

    I congratulate the entire editorial team of Inspirational Quote for such a remarkable job in bringing out the magazine of high standard regularly. I am a new reader of your esteemed magazine and I must say that I have fallen in love with this tiny treasure trove already. All the articles are well selected, clean and truly inspiring especially for the youth. Keep inspiring. All the best to you.


  • – Arvind Kashyap, Orissa

    I am very much impressed with the topics and the presentation of IQ. I take time to read IQ from page to page and benefit a lot in my personal life. I have recommended this beautiful magazine to a number of my friends who told me that they too have made progress in their emotional life. Thank you so much for your dedication and service. Please make available all the back issues of IQ for avid readers like me since I have not received all the copies of this year due to lockdown and other reasons.

  • – Payal S, Meerut

    After having read Inspirational Quote for the first time, I must say that IQ is truly an awesome magazine. I came across your magazine in our college library and instantly liked the choice and presentation of themes. Thank you for all the motivational quotes and anecdotes. I look forward to reading the coming issues too.

  • – K. Sasikiran, Sainik School, Korukonda, AP

    As a teacher I have been motivating myself through this legendary and amazing tiny book. I motivated my disciples to join Indian Armed Forces and other walks of life. Many cute and young cadets have become dynamic officers in the Army, Air force, and Navy because of these highly inspirational quotes, anecdotes, facts and stories. IQ team is doing a tremendous job and we are grateful to you. IQ can change a person, the society and the whole nation. Thank you!


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