• – Vinso, Pune

    I am a regular reader of IQ. I read it from cover to cover and it is quite interesting, educative and informative. It is quite difficult to describe in words the magnificent work IQ is doing.

  • – Ezekiel, Mysore

    I wait for every month to read tiny inspiring quotes of IQ. I just love it. I receive a lot of wisdom and knowledge from this IQ. Thank you so much to the editorial team for spending your precious time for the good of the people.

  • – Maria Anand, Coimbatore

    Inspirational Quote is like an autumn spring which rejuvenates the lives and hearts of many those who are lost in depression and hopelessness. Each column brings the readers to the life of hope. Therefore, I love IQ.

  • – Melky, Pune

    Congratulations for the inspiring editorial of July issue of IQ! It is true that the importance of maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle which will help me to think positive thoughts and live a truly healthy life. Thanks for the enlightenment!

  • – John C, Chennai

    I thank you and your team for the wonderful work that you carry out in inspiring people to evoke changes in their personalities and effect a greater change in the society that we live in.

  • — Lucy Stella, Madurai

    What I am today is all because of "MY FATHER —INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE" who has moulded me, for it has made the society to gaze at me. Actually I feel I'm nothing. This wonderful book has really made me an extraordinary personality. From the bottom of my heart I bow for your devoted work.

  • — S Rakuvi, Imphal

    Like a beggar longs for supper, like a deer longs for water, like an employee longs for salary and like a sick person longs for good heath, so do I long for IQ every month, as it satisfies the desire of my mind. Thanks to the Editorial Team.

  • — Amanda Nongthombam, Imphal

    I have been reading IQ since 2013. It's almost 3 years now. It is an awesome magazine. It is small but can change the whole life of a person. It is the only magazine that gives life to me and hopes. I always love to read IQ and will continue to do so. Thank you to all the members of IQ for your tremendous works. LONG LIVE IQ.

  • — Ginkhosei Haokip, Manipur

    I have been a great lover and regular reader of IQ from the time I was introduced to it. I feel every content of IQ very inspiring and motivated. It enables me to step forward in the right direction in life. My sincere CONGRATULATION to the Editorial team for bringing out such a fascinating monthly with priceless gems of Wisdom.


  • – Vini, Chennai.

    I am an avid reader of the IQ. True to its name, it inspires, informs and entertains. ‘It is the light for darkness, the way for the lost and think-tank for the blockheaded.' Congratulations to all your team members!

  • — Bella, Pune.

    IQ has the power to really affect the lives of the readers. Ever since I began to read IQ, it has changed me a lot in my attitudes and approaches to people. IQ is indeed powerful. I appreciate the effort you make to bring out this magazine with such useful and interesting themes, stories and inspirational articles. Thank you and all the best for all your efforts.



The judge had just finished informing the prisoner that he was set free as the jury had found him innocent of the theft.
The prisoner replied: “Thank you your honour. Does that mean I can keep the money?”

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