• – Rani Kumari, Patna

    I enjoy reading IQ because it provides me with valuable and practical information as to how to lead my life meaningfully. I really like the carefully selected themes for each month and the matching articles in every issue. I am thankful to the editorial team for preparing and making IQ available online even in the lockdown days. I am sure that many people are getting inspired and enriched by your noble endeavour. Congratulations and best wishes.

  • – Valsa George, Kottayam, Kerala

    I love to read IQ every month. In fact, I keep safely every issue of this wonderful monthly. I will be happy to have a bound copy of all the issues of last year. I use it as a resource book to impart great values to the young minds as a teacher. IQ indeed is an inspiring magazine.

  • – Adarsh, Bengaluru

    I am a great admirer of Inspirational Quote. It inspires me to be optimistic and keep my calm when faced with harsh realities of life. It inspires me to take responsibility for my life, love my life and be resourceful. Each and every page of this tiny magazine is filled with lots of information, facts, wisdom and practical tips for enlightened and impactful living. Thanks a lot, and keep going.

  • – Meghana Shetty, Pune

    I am a regular reader of Inspirational Quote. It has been a source of comfort and solace for me in moments of struggles and confusion. I will continue to savour its eternal blessedness for years to come. Thank you so much dear editor for such a noble work.


  • – Prakash B., Kohima

    I am an avid reader of Inspirational Quote. It helps me to be more reflective about my life and be more in touch with my inner being. When I feel let down in my life, I count on IQ for solace. Congrats and a big thanks to the entire IQ team for such a noble contribution to the society in moulding individuals.

  • – Sr. Teresa, Chennai

    Inspirational Quote is a real energizer that motivates me to do good for the society and thus become a contributing member of the society. My sincere thanks to all those who work behind the scene to bring out such a treasure.

  • – Avinash Pandey, Bhopal

    I write this note to congratulate you on your editorial of September issue titled "Dare To Be Yourself". It was truly inspiring and helped me to be more focused in my life especially as a working professional. The thoughts helped me to revitalize my life and approach my life and profession with more vigour and vitality. Thanks a lot for your noble work.

  • – Silvia Momin, Shillong

    Dear IQ, I am a new subscriber, but then I got lots of knowledge from you. I know that you can light up the world and save it from the engulfing darkness especially in this time of great uncertainty. I wish to be your reader till the end of my life. Continue your good work of inspiring souls.

  • – Archana P, Trivandrum

    Whenever I feel low and dispirited in life IQ comes across to me as my dependable companion. I gain a lot of insights as I read through the pages. I thank the editor for producing such a gem of high standard of practical living.

  • – Kuldeep Dungdung, Ranchi

    Whenever I have to prepare a speech or article, I refer to IQ as my resource book! The pain-staking efforts taken by the editorial board in bringing novelty and variety to the content makes sure that this tiny magazine continues to be relevant even in this period of digital revolution. I salute the whole team for their tireless work and dedication in bringing out this lovely magazine. Wish you all success and satisfaction in your work.

  • – Kavita Nagesh, Bengaluru

    I am a regular reader of IQ for the past four years and have been enjoying reading it, and sharing the messages and inspiring quotes with everyone. Thank you for giving such a resourceful magazine which really enlightens my mind and heart. All the best!

  • – Amulya Reddy, Hydrabad

    Inspirational Quote is an awesome magazine with many inspiring quotes and moral values. I feel myself very proud of reading it every month, gaining new insights and feel myself motivated to do something good for society. Thank you IQ team for such clean thoughts.

  • – Victor Paumai, Kohima

    I am a new reader of IQ. I enjoy reading it because it is full of useful and inspiring quotes and anecdotes. I get a lot of material from IQ for my day-to-day life. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone associated with this magazine. I pray that your mission and dedicated service may touch many more lives. All the best!



Little Robert (In art shop): \"What is this mess?”
Small Sue: “That’s an abstract painting, stupid.”
Little Robert: “Let’s run, before they say we did it.”

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