• — Priya Rani, Jharkhand

    The best way to get best out of IQ is its repeated reading and understanding and rereading and understanding what is forgotten. I keep waiting for the arrival of every issue. Thank you for the lovely tiny magazine.

  • — P. Maria Anand, Pune

    We all seek the most in our life is life itself. We search the most in our life is good thoughts and inspiration. We knock our library doors and book cells with deep quest. I wish you IQ for gifting me these both in my life every day.

  • — Grace Jovita, Coimbatore

    Thank you for your monthly magazine IQ. It has become the greatest friend of mine. IQ is a daily companion in my life which shows light to my path and gives vision for my future. Keep going!

  • — Prasanth, Mysore

    I sincerely appreciate and admire the IQ, since it has great insights and deep inspirational messages. I have been reading it for the past 8 years and it keeps me active and alive in my dealings with others, and also sharing some of the thoughts I come across in this lovely magazine.

  • — Swarna Xavier, Indore

    Next time when you go to a book stall you need not waste time to select which book to read, just pick up IQ and discover wide variety of facts and fun because IQ is really an unending source of inspiration. I wonder how IQ team is able to gather such excellent values. Superb work. I love it.

  • — Rajesh Chatragadda, Pune

    I sincerely thank the Editor and his team for the wonderful work you carry out through this tiny monthly. I have come across this little valuable friend recently and I am loving it. For, IQ enlightens my mind and strengthens my memory. It enables me to step forward to the direction of truth and values in this frenzy-filled world.

  • — Jyotirajan Biswal, Durgapur

    I have been with Inspirational Quote for many years now; it has been a constant source of inspiration for me. It is powerful in guiding and guarding me whenever I am in difficulties. I will continue to savour its eternal blessedness for years to come.

  • — P. Ravindra Kumar, Advocate

    I cannot afford to not read the Inspirational Quote every month. May I confess that I wait like a child, to curiously see the content every month!


  • — John Chrispin, Chennai

    I am really happy to be a regular reader of your magazine. It enhances the world around me and stirs up my soul. This little magazine is very well produced and very inspiring indeed. Varieties of noble thoughts and the tips for practical life are what make IQ different from other magazines. IQ is awesome!

  • — Nishitha, Vijayawada

    I am a regular reader and subscriber of your magazine. Inspirational Quote is like a moon among all the shining stars which has its own potential and lustre. It inspires me all the time when I am low.

  • — Mathew Murmu, Assam

    I am a student of std-viii. I have been reading IQ since one and half year. IQ is interesting and meaningful that it will change one's life. Really IQ gives formulae how to succeed in life. Thanks a lot to IQ and the editorial staff.



“I saw the man shoot. I was two hundred yards away.”
“200 yards away! Tell me, how far can you see at night?”
“I don’t know. How far is the moon?”

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