• – Purnima Mohan, Nasik

    It is something remarkable to note that soon the IQ will be entering its 40th year of publication. As an avid reader, I am proud to be part of IQ family.

  • – Krishna Das, Mysore

    I am now sixty-five years old. I began reading IQ about twenty-seven years ago. I have seen how well the magazine has progressed over the years both in its content and its get-up. Each issue has much new and innovating stuff to offer. Thanks for condensing a wide variety of inspiring material into such a small yet powerful publication.

  • – Cynthia Robin, Ernakulum

    Every issue of the magazine covers several subjects, and makes a good read for anyone in any age group! IQ is just so charmingly concise as to enhance every bit of its most engrossing capabilities!

  • – Maduri (via email)

    Unlike many other magazines IQ has hardly any advertisements, which makes all the more easy to navigate through. Thanks for the simple presentation with inspiring contents.

  • – Alex Peter, (email)

    I came across your magazine recently. The array of the content in the magazine is greatly appreciated. Its contents bear the trademark of good counselling. Congrats for your empowering magazine that provides all the essentials for a happy life.

  • – Nimesha

    The very thought of IQ reminds me of a certain quote from Amos Bronson Alcott, American reformer-philosopher, viz.: “That is a good book, which seems to me, which is opened with expectations and closed with profit.” I have been subscribing to IQ for nearly five years now, and every issue has been opened with expectation and closed with profit not merely to me but to my whole family! Thank you IQ!!

  • – Gayathri Murthi, Bangalore

    I am grateful to you for sending to our school copies of your magazine. I see a good many students take interest in reading IQ and they make use of it for school assemblies and classroom presentations.

  • – Padamakumar

    IQ is one of my favourite magazines, and it is basically a family magazine, amazing in content and presentation. Covering a wide variety of topics that are needed for making an awesome life, IQ is worth reading and treasuring. May IQ continue to make a difference in the lives of many through its pages!

  • – Stella Francis, Mumbai

    The magazine has lived up to its name over the years. The values being promoted by IQ are priceless and it is my great pleasure to read it every month. Thanks for sending me regularly this chest of gems!



“What makes you think Mary doesn’t know much about sports?”
“It seems, she thought a football coach had four wheels.”

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