• – Babu Gudime, Andra Pradesh

    I am a regular reader of IQ for the past four years and have been enjoying reading it, and sharing the messages and quotations with everyone. Thank you for giving such a wonderful magazine, which really enlightens my mind and heart. All the best!

  • – Roman Riamroi Inpui, Manipur

    Hello IQ, I am a new subscriber, but then I got a lots of knowledge and wisdom from you. You are a tiny magazine but your words are greater than bigger magazines and books that are produced in the world. I know that you can light up the world and save it from the darkness. I will be your reader till my last breath.

  • – Robindro Khwairakpam, Manipur

    All the words in IQ are treasure imperishable, eye-opener, inspirational gems and foods for my thought. It matters in life that the voice of IQ sharpens my mind. When things go wrong, the anecdotes of the greats boost the art of living to discover my real self. The success principles, from the Grammar of right living, point to ponder the lessons for growth beyond the ordinary.

  • — Tom Jose, Calicut

    Thank you for your monthly magazine IQ. It has become the greatest friend of mine. Be with me always. Never depart from me.

  • — Soji Pushpika, Andheri

    IQ is a daily companion like daily bread for the soul in my life which shows light to my path and gives vision for my future.

  • — Maria Susai, Coimbatore

    Hats off to IQ. It gives enormous knowledge and encouragement for those who lost hope, sight and confident in our humanity. Once I lost sight of my goal, but now I have regained it. I thank you IQ.

  • — Swetha Christina, Tirupur

    IQ brings human consciousness into the life of many who walk through these pages.I love you IQ.

  • — Kalpu, Ahmedabad

    I love IQ for filling my life with such inspiration which makes my life fertile ground with the fruits of knowledge, love, and wisdom.

  • — John Chrispin, Pune

    I am a passionate reader of IQ and I need to acknowledge that every page of this little booklet is very inspiring. It is an excellent magazine with admirable contents. God bless the editorial board for giving this beautiful gift of knowledge to us!


  • — Praveen Kumar, MP

    I am a new reader of IQ. I find it very interesting and inspiring. I feel that I am very lucky to come across this magazine and to have it till the end of my life journey.

  • —Rohan, Hydrabad

    As a regular reader and subscriber of your monthly magazine IQ, I wish to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your service towards humanity. Your magazine is really a source of inspiration and motivation for me.



He: Your meals are not like my mother used to make.

She: Well, your salary is not like my father used to make.

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