• – Kavitha, Mangaluru

    I am a student of Std VIII. I have been an ardent reader of IQ since two years. IQ is so inspiring and very dear to me. It's a great source to enrich one's life. I am so grateful to IQ editorial team for their valuable service. Continue doing the good work .

  • – Libin Matthew, Kottayam

    IQ is a rewarding magazine for people from all walks of life. Its content is so inspiring and motivating. Thank you IQ for being a very good companion in my life.

  • – Muskan, Mumbai

    IQ plays an important role in one's self-promotion and reformation.IQ is provocative and programmatic, making it ideal for all kinds of people. Thanks IQ...

  • – Lamphang Nongrum, Cherrapunjee

    It is said that a drop of ink can make millions of people think. IQ is a monthly Magazine that bears out this fact. As its name suggests, IQ is so inspirational because it teaches us to have right attitude in all situations of our life and helps us to give our best in life.

  • – Prabhat Sunit, Tamil Nadu

    I am a lover of IQ. It helps me to reflect about my life. What I really liked in IQ are pages like Boost your vocabulary, Fascinating Facts, Beyond the Ordinary, and Quotes for Month. These give details of inner self and they arouse my inner spirit. The recent IQ topic 'THE POWER OF PERSISTENCE'  challenged me to come out from the cloud castle and live fully in the present..Thank you for your effort.

  • – Pradeep D’souza, Trivandrum

    I am a regular reader of I.Q. I feel enthused to go through each and every article in it especially the quotations. Though a tiny book it contains great lessons for life. In the past I saw myself negatively. As I began to read I.Q. I felt a great change in me. I've now developed positive attitude towards me and others. Thank you dear I.Q. for your life-transforming magazine. congratulations and continue inspiring the whole world.

  • – Tomy Issac Baby,Trivandrum

    I am an avid reader of I.Q. I love reading it because of its conglomeration of motivational quotes. It is full of life and energy. I appreciate the hard work and the commitment of I.Q team for this wonderful work.

  • – Ethan John Jagadeesh, Telengana

    'Inspirational Quote' is really inspiring and intriguing. The columns like 'It matters in life', are studded with fascinating facts. On the whole, the book is enlightening, enriching and a good help in the pursuit of knowledge. Thanks to 'Inspirational Quote'.




A lady was somewhat disturbed to find herself seated at the left of her host instead of at the right, where she thought she should have been. “I suppose,” she said, “It isn’t always easy for you to seat people at their proper places.”

“Oh,” said the host, “I find that those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.”

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