• — Santiagu, Nagpur

    Congratulations to the editor and his team for your diligent work! IQ is a wonderful magazine which helps me to grow in wisdom and knowledge. It is my great pleasure to read IQ every month and to derive inspiration from it.

  • — Ananya, Pune

    It is an awesome magazine with excellent contents. IQ is a lovely little magazine for every walk of life and I must say that every page of this little booklet is very inspiring.

  • — M. Sundar, Viluppuram

    I am a regular reader of IQ for the past 10 years. I am convinced that it is an indispensable tiny book and it has been inspiring me. IQ is my best friend. I appreciate all those who work to bring out such a wonderful magazine. Congratulations!

  • — Priya, Nellore

    I want to congratulate you for bringing out IQ every month. I have enjoyed reading IQ for many years. Covering a vast range of useful topics, it helps me in my journey of life. The qualitative contents and thought-provoking editorial make the IQ a unique one. My sincere congratulations to the editorial team and their commendable efforts!

  • -Kirubakar (Tirupathi) A.P.

    I am a great lover of IQ. I even admire its content and stuff above al l, it's very informative. I have been reading this IQ for the past couple of years and undoubtedly it has become My Teacher; on the other hand it helped me a lot to improve My English knowledge. When I don't get this magazine in time My heart ski ps a beat, I am real ly indebted to IQ. May IQ long live.

  • – Richard Jose, Delhi.

    Varieties of noble thoughts and the tips for practical life are what make IQ different from other magazines. A tiny magazine yet rich in content! They fill us with inspirational and positive thoughts and are helpful for reflecting on the various aspects of life. Thank you and all the best to the new team.

  • – Emmanuel, Jharkhand.

    I am a regular reader of your IQ. I really like it very much. IQ is full of wisdom and awesome thoughts. Thanks to the editor and the team for your untiring effort!

  • – Rekha, Tuticorin

    IQ brings along thoughts that make us reflect and change, the stories and the anecdotes given in this magazine too are inspiring. My life has changed a lot since I started reading your monthly magazine.

  • — Patil B, Mumbai

    IQ is my all-time favourite besides Holy Scripture.
    Oh dear IQ, I pray to God for you, so that you may climb the greatest height and INSPIRE millions and billions and flower their lives to give fragrance to the others.

  • – Ambrose, Villupuram

    I sincerely appreciate and admire the IQ, since it has great insights and deep inspirational messages. I have been reading it for the past 6 years and it keeps me active and alive in my dealings with others, and also sharing some of the thoughts I come across in this lovely magazine.



A man in an Indian prison was allowed to watch Bombay T.V because of his good behaviour by the warden. Later, the warden asked him, “How did you enjoy the Television show?”
“Enjoyed it?” replied the prisoner, “I thought it was a punishment.”

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