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  • – Romeo Thingom, Imphal

    I enjoy reading IQ very much. The articles are interesting and encouraging. I appreciate the entire team for their dedication and hard work. Keep up the good work. Thank you!

  • – Deepak Kumar, Allahabad

    When I am so let down by the uncertainties of life and feel powerless, I look up to IQ to give me inspiration and strength to go on and experience the flow of life. Once I experience the thrill of life, I am able to spread cheerfulness and confidence to all those who come in contact with me at my office. I am indebted to IQ. Thank you so much.

  • – Ayena Joseph, Bengaluru

    I am a student of Class IX and have been getting IQ from last three years. I must say that it has touched my life and transformed me from being a shy and introverted person to someone who has emboldened with the greater awareness of my own self. I am able to express my ideas and opinions without any stage fear and I am able to love myself better. I thank you for your valuable support in my growing up years.

  • – Jasmine Abdul, Dhule

    I get the best out of Inspirational Quote by repeated reading of the same edition and the same articles. My experience is that the values explained in those articles become part of me and I am able to live by them. It is an awesome magazine indeed.

  • – Vaidehi P. Chennai

    I thank the team that work hard to realize every edition of Inspirational Quote. It is really a joy to read and be inspired from every page of IQ. I wish all the success as you carry out your great responsibility. Continue your marvellous work of inspiring millions and giving them hope for tomorrow.

  • – P. Kiran Joseph SJ

    I am very grateful to the inspirational quote. It contains around forty eighty pages. Each page is giving concise messages to the whole universe. Each topic is eye-catching and it provokes us to read and to benefit from its quotes, jokes, anecdotes, story, etc. I end this note with the words of appreciation. I congratulate the editor for his strenuous effort to edit the inspirational quote.

  • – S. Prabhu, Varanasi

    I am a regular reader of IQ. I must say that over the last twelve years IQ has inspired me and shaped me as a well-integrated individual who can contribute towards the betterment of society. I feel greatly indebted to this magazine. Thanks a million for your immense contribution to society.

  • – Tessa Joseph, Calicut

    My great appreciation to IQ for the great works of transforming the individuals and the society at large. I love all the sections in your magazine. Keep up the good work.

  • – Fathima, Udalguri, Assam

    I am a great lover of IQ published by you. This monthly is good for people from all walks of life – young and old, students and working professionals, students and teachers and people from all religious background. The simple yet profound articles touch the core of individual's life and make him/her come in contact with his/her inner realities. I personally found IQ a very trust-worthy companion for life.

  • – Mukta, New Delhi

    I find IQ a relevant tool in the hands of young people like me who often stand perplexed in the face of unexpected and painful predicament in life. It helps me to discover the fact that I have within myself what I require to cope with harsh realities of life and come out victorious fully aware that I am created for a purpose. Thank you team IQ for your valuable service.



A tourist in Africa was staying in a jungle. One day he left his tent and as he was walking a lion jumped on him, but the tourist ducked, so that the lion jumped over his head and missed him. This happened twice again, each time the man ducking and the lion jumping over him. The next time the tourist wanted to make sure, so he looked out before leaving the tent and he saw to his astonishment that the lion was practising low jumps.

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