• – Benedict Wilson, Trissur

    I have been reading IQ for the last several years. I have become a fanatic reader by now! This little magazine has completely influenced my mind, thoughts and actions. I wholeheartedly thank the team IQ for their wonderful and professional contribution.

  • – Kavya B, Bhopal

    I love reading IQ from cover to cover. The theme of April 2019 issue 'failure to prepare is preparing to fail' was simply awesome and timely. It helped me to prepare well for my competitive exams with renewed focus and vigour. Thank you so much.

  • – Vishal Krishna, Kolkatta

    I am a regular reader of IQ for the past 10 years and have valued it very much. I see that IQ is the best combination of spiritual and mundane thoughts. It gives me the energy to face the humdrums of daily life with courage. Thank you so much for this great contribution to the nation.

  • – Sr Vinaya SRA, Mughalsarai

    I appreciate very much the editorial of May 2019 titled "Turn your scars into stars". The article was truly inspirational and it challenged me to come out of my shell. I am also happy with the theme-based cover pages of IQ.

  • – Bhumika, Jalandhar

    First of all, my hearty congratulations to the team IQ on bringing out such a quality and inspiring magazine. The articles and columns in the magazine are truly motivating for all the age groups. I really enjoy reading it and benefit from columns like 'Beyond the ordinary', 'Spiritual nourishment', 'Crisis management' and 'Lessons for growth'. Keep up this noble work.

  • – Varun Mehta, Ahmedabad

    I am a new reader of Inspirational Quote. I enjoy reading this little booklet as it gives me valuable information, inspiration and guidance to my life. It helps me to build inner strength and face the challenges of everyday life with confidence.

  • – Prescilla Udaikumar, Mangalore

    I thank IQ for the great support it gives me. It is really a treasure. I consider it as a great resource and make use of this magazine in the school especially when I have to address the school assembly. I feel very happy to be associated with this wonderful monthly.

  • – Prasad Nair, Trissur, Kerala

    IQ is my constant companion in life. I always find solace and a sense of calm when I read this tiny but resourceful magazine. It inspires me to take life as it comes, to live in the present and to appreciate the world around me. Each and every page is filled with lots of information and practical tips on enhanced living.


  • – Samuel Nagesia, Jharkhand

    I am a passionate reader of IQ. I enjoy reading it because it provides the valuable quotations, anecdotes, facts, etc. It inspires me to be an optimist. I like the quotes for the months arranged for each day. They are like meditation points for the day. The IQ topic of February, "LOVE IS OUR TRUE DESTINY" inspired my heart to have real love for others. I am very grateful to IQ staff for inspiring me and many across the world. I thank them.

  • – Ghanshyam Bharucha and Hansa Bharucha, Mumbai

    We are regular readers of Inspiration Quote. Every issue is a masterpiece in our life. Every issue gives us important moral lessons regarding our Life. The March 2019 theme 'KEEP MOVING' is really motivating.

  • – Sawan Rai, West Bengal

    Recently I took interest to read 'IQ' where I found that every sentence is filled with spectacular meaning and felt the real essence of life. This small but amazing and wonderful booklet has become a source of positive outlook in my life. Thanks a lot for your worthwhile effort of motivating the readers.



“I went for a walk and lost my dog.”
“Why don’t you put an ad in the paper.”
“It won’t work; My dog cannot read.”

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