Page 13 : When Things Go Wrong

Fence or Bridge

Mike and Tom were brothers. They used to be very close to each other — they grew up together, played with the same toys when they were younger and even worked in the family business with each other. Their houses were built parallel with each other, separated only by a stream. Soon a misunderstanding tore them apart and they stopped speaking to each other.
One day, Tom decided to build a fence between his and his brother’s house. He hired a carpenter to build it for him. “I never want to see my brother’s face anymore. Build me a fence so high that I will never be able to see his house anymore,” he told the carpenter.
The carpenter thought for a while and said: “Hmm… I think that I know what to do.” He started digging between the brothers’ houses near the stream. Both brothers needed to go to work but tried their best to avoid each other even when they were in the same office.
After work, they were surprised to see a bridge instead of a fence. “You don’t need a fence,” the carpenter said smiling. “All you need is something to remind you that you are connected by a strong bond — brotherly love.”
Hence, for the first time in many years, the brothers started talking to each other and clarified all their misunderstandings. The bridge also made them closer even after they settled their differences because they could easily connect with each other — literally.
You can make peace with anyone as long as you are willing to build a symbolical bridge instead of a fence.