Page 31 : Did You Know

Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch?

When female mosquitoes poke their proboscis through your skin so they can suck some of your blood to be later used to make eggs, they inject you with some of their saliva. This saliva helps them to drink your blood more quickly, because it contains a cocktail of anticoagulants. Once the female mosquito is full with your blood or is disturbed, she flies away, leaving some of her saliva behind.
Your body then kicks your immune system in gear as response to the presence of this saliva. It produces various antibodies which in turn bind to the antigens in the mosquito’s saliva. This then triggers the release of histamine. The histamine ends up making the blood vessels near the bite swell up. This produces a pink, itchy bump where the mosquito poked you.

How Did the Greeting ‘Hello’ Come About?

Thomas Alva Edison was the first to say ‘hello’ over the telephone. But Edison didn’t invent ‘hello’ by a long shot. As a matter of fact, the greeting has been around for centuries much before the invention of telephone in 1885. In ancient times, people greeted each other with ‘hallow’, which may have come from the Old French word ‘hola’, meaning ‘stop!’ or ‘whoa’. Even Noah Webster’s dictionary included ‘hello’ in 1883. The telephone links kept expanding, so did the greeting. But the dictionaries continued to promote hello as a standard greeting in the English language.