Page 40 : The Master’s Wisdom

“Master,” the disciple asked, “what does it mean to be perfect?” The master cryptically answered: “Perfection is a long, arduous road of a lifetime, and you never really arrive. It’s to fall and to fail, to fall and to fail, never losing heart but cheerfully picking yourself up each time and remaking yourself in God’s infinite love and mercy as you strive to love and be whole.”
“And what does it mean to be whole?” the disciple asked. “Ah!” replied the Master, “It’s to be holy and human, human and holy.”

The Master said, “Gaze not at the king’s jewel-studded gold crown. If you are looking for priceless diamonds and pearls, you might find one at the bottom of the rubbish bin.”
“Dirt cheap!” snorted the seeker. “Not really,” retorted the Master, “if you know how to see and value the gold in simple ordinary people.”

With compassion writ on his face, the Master said, “Clasp your pain tenderly to your heart and never let go. Your husband suffers as much as you do. Pray that God’s will prevails. Where there is great pain, there is love, and the pain itself must be loved for love’s sake!”

— Cedric Rebello, S.J.