Page 41 : In A Nutshell

To Aim an Excellence – DMAPA

G = Goals. Set goals. Setting goals is like aiming at a target. It helps you plan activities that will take you along the proper road to your destination. If you don’t plan where you have to reach then any road will take you somewhere.
M = Mistakes. Don’t be afraid of mistakes. There is nobody in this world who can honestly and confidently say that he/she never makes mistakes. All great discoveries and inventions have been made through trial and error.
A = Attitude. Have a positive attitude. Whenever you attempt anything there is a tendency to be alert about the consequences of failure. Why not be alert to the consequences of success too? There is always an element of risk in whatever you do.
P = Perseverance. Perseverance is the key. Whenever you don’t achieve what you have aimed at, there is a tendency to give up. It is only in very exceptional cases that one reaches the top in the first attempt. When you persevere, never give up; look at failure as lack of success rather than as a defeat.
A = Ambitious. Be ambitious. Think big depending upon your personal strengths and weaknesses. If you are strong in certain areas, keep it up; if you are weak in certain other areas, get out of the rut by reducing your weaknesses.