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The Science of Earthing

Earthing (the practice of walking barefoot on the Earth) is about the flow of electrons. The Earth is negatively charged, so it has an abundance of electrons which can nourish us through the soles of our feet. Our feet have a high concentration of nerve endings and guess what? Nerve tissue is electronically conductive. Usually, however, we are insulated from this particular benefit because modern-day shoe soles are made from rubber and plastics, which are excellent insulators from electricity. As a result, we rarely get to experience that nurturing, direct contact with the Earth.
Walking barefoot on the ground is a potent antioxidant for our body and, most likely, a birth-right for our health and well-being that we simply don’t take advantage of.
Here are a few health benefits of earthing:

  1. Beneficial changes in heart-rate.
  2. Thins the blood, preventing elevated levels of viscosity associated with heart-disease
  3. Reduces chronic inflammation and associated pain
  4. Improves balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems
  5. Enhances circulation and improves energy levels Improves sleep
  6. Reduces hormonal and menstrual symptoms