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Turn Your ‘Wish’ Into ‘Will’

Many people live atop the hill called ‘Someday’ or ‘I wish’! Unfortunately, the majority of them never get to the other side of that hill to achieve their goal. Have you ever wondered why? Well, the real and only reason why our goals remain unfulfilled is: lack of will! Willy-nilly, what remains a hindrance to success is our tendency to say ‘I wish’ instead of ‘I will.’

A wish is merely a desire or hope that something will happen – akin to daydreaming! A will on the other hand implies commitment to act, and taking responsibility for what results from your thoughts and actions. ‘I wish’ is intrinsic to being slave to a whimsical thought process, whereas ‘I will’ is implicit in being a master achiever. If you want to succeed at anything in life, you must have the will to do it. As goes the old Irish saying, “If there is a will, there is a way.” Your ‘will’ is what is capable of producing and channelling your power into success.

If you keep saying ‘I will’, it can increase your self-confidence and create a paradigm shift empowering you in the process. It increases in you an innate urge to direct all your energies precisely towards what you want to achieve. Shifting gears from ‘wish’ to ‘will’ enables you to take complete charge of yourself, get out of your comfort zone and begin to make things happen.

There is nothing impossible for you to achieve in life, not because you know what you are capable of but because of your will to make the impossible possible. So, the next time you are inclined to say ‘I wish’ do consciously choose to say ‘I will’! Then watch the difference it makes to the realization of your dreams and the fulfilment of your plans! Indeed, with every ‘wish’ being constantly turned into ‘will’, you might well exceed what you ever imagined possible!

– Sajith Cyriac