Page 6 : Bouquets All the Way!

may1Mr G.R.S. Yadavbhai, an old friend and benefactor from New Delhi, had been recommending IQ to me for quite some time. He even arranged for a year’s gift subscription to IQ. How I now appreciate this noble gesture precisely after having gone through the issues of December 2014, January and February 2015! I have realized that the usefulness and worth of IQ lie in the fact that there are in each issue gems galore in relation to many a subject worth deep thought. God bless you for providing such a compilation!

— O.P. Bajaj, Indore

IQ is a real energizer that always motivates me to do good for the betterment of society. My sincere thanks to all those who work behind the scenes to bring out such a power-filled monthly!

— Pradipkumar Laishram (email)

IQ is a powerful life-tonic so to say! Capable as it is of curing many of life’s ills, solving its numerous problems and effectively tackling issues. I do make it a point to read it regularly and freely encourage others to do the same. Thanks for maintaining its quality over the years!

— Ryan (email)

IQ is a splendid monthly which I look forward to receiving regularly, reading promptly and preserving every issue. The contents of each article are worth quoting on various occasions. I appreciate the hard work on the part of the editor and others involved. Wonderful teamwork indeed!

— Anila, Noida