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Life Is Like Driving a Car

may2Life Is Like Driving a Car Getting somewhere in life means having the discipline to drive at speed limit, staying on our lane, driving mindfully and following the rules of the road.

Our psychological journey is about us getting in the driver’s seat and taking control of our own lives. This is the quintessence of being in control. We make choices and we take ownership and responsibility for them. We embrace the choices we made in our lives and take them to as far as they can go.

But then we also have to mind some cautionary tales. We drive our own car, not someone else’. People tend to get so focused on what other people are doing, especially those that are wrong, when they should give full focus on themselves and what they do. We influence the most the things that we are doing, so they therefore deserve our utmost attention.

We drive our own car and we can’t let somebody else do the job for us. A person will never grow up if he has the habit of passing his personal responsibilities. One of the most valuable things in life is peace of mind and the path to peace of mind needs us to get into the driver’s seat and take charge of our lives. The life we build then belongs to us. We learn and grow from failures and disappointments and enjoy and feel satisfaction from our own triumphs and achievements.

— Mike Krutza & Jodi Wiff