Inspirational Quote



January 2020 [ Volume : 45 Number : 1 ]



  • A new year has dawned. With it new hopes arise -- hopes that 2020 will be a better year for the entire world and its people.
  • Looking back at the year that has left the calendar to take its place in history's niche, man sees much that he regrets. Looking ahead at the new horizon of hope, he wonders what lies beyond that horizon.
  • In reality, there is only a void beyond, save the hope of eternal life awaiting man's arrival in the great unknown. What will be created, or transpire beyond that horizon will be achieved by man. Whatever is written in the new chapter of history will be written by him. This year 2020 will be just what man makes it.
  • The New Year brings with it the opportunity for a new beginning. There can be no better New Year's resolution than to cross the new horizon with a determined spirit of goodwill towards our fellow men. If too many people do not break that simple resolution, 2020 will indeed be a better year for all the people in the world.

- Anonymous

Nowadays, the belief that your only limit is you is an actual fact. Each day, ever more evidence comes to confirm this point as inevitability. You should be aware that your mind is everything and controls every aspect of your life. It has even a significant influence over your body.

- Anonymous