Inspirational Quote



January 2020 [ Volume : 45 Number : 1 ]



A saint was walking along the river Ganges when he noticed some family members shouting at each other. He smiled and asked his disciples, "Why do people shout when angry?"

The disciples thought for some time. Some said, "because they lose their temper and calm", others said, "they want to stress upon their views" and so on. The saint was obviously not satisfied. Finally, he explained to them the reason, "When two people are in love, they talk softly with each other. What happens when the love increases much more? They start whispering. And then comes a point, when they only have to look into each other's eyes to convey their thoughts. Now can you guess the answer?"

The disciples were still confused. So he continued, "When two people become angry, the distance between their hearts increases. To cover this distance, they need to shout so that they can hear each other. The more the anger, the greater the distance and hence more the shouting."

This is what happens. So when you become angry, don't let your heart create distance from the other person, because some day it might happen that the distance increases so much that it would be impossible to bridge it.


We can become prisoners of ourselves. One must dig tunnels to escape one's own mind. We get just this one life. We have to stop doing time and live out our lives like we planned in our youth. No matter where we are, or how old, we can always reach for our dreams.

- Miles Patrick Yohnke