Inspirational Quote



January 2020 [ Volume : 45 Number : 1 ]



Did you know the German army won't allow a soldier to file a complaint or make a rebuttal immediately after a confrontation has occurred? He is required to sleep on his grudge first and cool off. Filing an immediate complaint can result in punishment.

That's the same process Father Graham taught those who sought his advice. One day a young man came to him angered by the insults of a fellow worker. He explained the situation to father Graham and let him know he was on his way to demand an apology. "Young man," Father Graham began, "sometimes it is difficult to understand the actions of others. As an old man who desires peace, consider this bit of advice. Criticism and insults are not unlike mud. It is removed much easier once dried. Wait a little, cool down and then resolve your differences. If you go now, the matter may only get worse."

The young man heeded the wise advice, thought about the situation and later resolved the issue.


Never mind the past. Though your errors be as deep as the ocean, the soul itself cannot be swallowed up by them. Have the unflinching determination to move on your path unhampered by limiting thoughts of past errors.

- Paramahansa Yogananda