• — Janet V., Belgaum

    I was really fascinated with the page, 'fascinating facts' and got spiritually nourished from the 'Spiritual Nourishment page' of the last issue. Thanks for your wonderful coverage.


  • — Majida Raj, Udaipur

    I am a frequent reader of IQ. It is a beautiful magazine and each of its pages gives me hope and inspiration. I hope IQ will keep on inspiring people and make this world a beautiful place to live in.

  • — P. Lobo, Bangalore

    I have the privilege of receiving your esteemed IQ since long time and have thoroughly enjoyed it and shared it with others. Best wishes for a record-breaking century of IQ!

  • — Sr Lilly Terese, (A.P)

    IQ is one of the best magazines I love to read and take with me wherever I travel. Though it is small, it contains the treasures of thoughts which touch my life and in turn, I examine myself for a better life.

  • – Khushi B, West Bengal

    I do like to read IQ very much because it makes me knowledgeable. The tips and the thoughts in it help me to live a better life.

  • — Monisha Gupta, Jorhat

    I like to thank the entire team of IQ. You not only teach us to learn something, but also help us to acquire the goal of life. Every editorial is awesome and thought-provoking. May the IQ go a long way!

  • — M. Vineshragul, Kerala

    Many thanks to the IQ for it is really inspirational as the name indicate. The "Boost Your Vocabulary" column of IQ is very helpful for me and my friends. Wishes and genuine support to the IQ Editor and team! May you continue to inspire many youths to make a bright future India!

  • — Prakash Murthy, Lucknow

    The little magazine, IQ, is very well produced and very inspiring indeed. I enjoy a lot reading it.

  • — Napoleon Savriraj, Chennai

    I am a regular reader of your Magazine. IQ is really inspirational with its message and content. Appreciations to the editor and team!

  • — Rins Padmattummal, Kerala

    "Inspirational Quote" is a magazine that I fortunately came to know about recently. I found it to be a source of positivity and was impressed with its quality of content. In addition to being informative, it also touches on the value aspects of everyday life. It can definitely motivate young minds to dream big and encourage them to pursue their dreams. Thank You, Inspirational Quote, for your service to society!

  • — J. Albert, Mumbai

    I am very happy to read your magazine IQ. It really inspires and helps me. I like the way you have structured the thoughts in it.

  • — Praveen Babu, Kerala

    IQ was introduced to me a few months ago in my formation house. It is interesting, enlightening, and sometimes challenging to read each item. It serves as a guide for reflection and personal growth. IQ, thank you for your support!

  • — Therese H. Vellore

    I am a regular reader of IQ for the last so many years. It is one magazine that keeps me anxiously waiting every month. My whole family loves it.


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