• – Pawan Baghwar SJ, Thiruvananthapuram

    I love IQ. I find the articles, anecdotes, life examples, etc., practical and relevant to put into practice. Besides, IQ is a mixture of varieties. Overall, it enhances my thoughts, ideas, and perspective. Kudos to the IQ team for their effort.

  • – Kumar Swamy, Vijayawada

    IQ is one of my favourite magazines that I thoroughly enjoy reading every page of it. It is very much readers oriented. IQ, I must say, is ALL IN ONE because it is for all walks of life.

  • – Praveen Babu, Thiruvananthapuram

    The 'Inspirational Quote' combines materials for learning and leisure. I wonder at your creative presentation. Thank you 'IQ' for motivating me.

  • – Shanti Lobo, Bangalore

    I have the privilege of receiving your esteemed IQ since 1986 and have thoroughly enjoyed it and shared it with others. Best wishes for a record-breaking century of IQ.

  • – Merinth, Mount St Joseph, Bangalore

    Whenever I read IQ I remember a saying, 'Small things make big difference in our life.'' I feel this small book is making a big difference in the life of many people. This book has been a source of inspiration for me to learn something new for my life. The life stories, jokes, and quotes have made this book lively and enriching. A word of gratitude and appreciation to the editor and team for this wonderful contribution. Kindly Keep inspiring many more people in and through IQ.


  • – Amith Antony, Bangalore

    Though the book is small, the content, order and words carry a rich priceless meaning for my life. As a young budding writer my dream is to benefit people through my writings. I feel this magazine is the core inspiration for me to do the aforementioned, as it has created a sparkle of zeal in me. My sincere and heartfelt gratitude to the editor and his team. May you be appreciated for your selfless service and may you continue to inspire everyone.

  • – Khusi T, WB

    It's an amazing tiny book. It helps me to be more optimistic and gives me inner satisfaction and peace. Whenever I read, I find strength to smile and it guides me to live my days better. It taught me how to be success oriented and more focused in life. Thank you, IQ Team.

  • – Madhavy K.S, Trissur, Kerala

    I am a new subscriber to Inspirational Quote. I must say that after having gone through a few editions of this inspiring magazine I have madly fallen in love with this tiny treasure chest of wisdom and motivation. I thank the Editor and his entire team for working selflessly in bringing out every issue with apt choices of topics and articles which are truly inspirational.

  • – Teresa Rose Augustine, Mangalore

    I write these few lines of great appreciation for the marvellous work you do with IQ every month. I have personally benefitted a lot from reading IQ over the past 8 years. My personal favourites are columns like 'Beyond the Ordinary', 'When Things Go Wrong', 'Anecdotes of the Great' and 'Spiritual Nourishment'. I ask God's countless blessings on you and your team.

  • – Roshan Tigga, Jharkhand

    I read IQ from cover to cover and eagerly wait for every new issue. Over the years IQ has become my most trusted companion in life. It is very informative and formative at the same time especially for youngsters like me. I am happy to recommend IQ to all my friends because I am sure that they too will benefit immensely from this Amazing Companion.

  • — Chintha Murthy, Vijayawada

    I am a regular reader of Inspirational Quote. I must say that this tiny magazine has helped me to come out of my grief after having lost a close friend to Covid-19. IQ taught me to value life and look for the stars even in the darkest phase of life. Thank you for inspiring me to get on with my precious life and find fulfilment and happiness.

  • – Milani Gilbert, Chennai

    I had my hands on Inspirational quote recently when my husband gave me a 3 years' subscription of IQ as a gift. As an avid reader of philosophy, psychology and scientific books, I was curious to know what a tiny monthly magazine could offer. But I must say, IQ has surprised me in more ways than one. Growing up, we often forget the basics and the starting point of things that we once loved. IQ was that reminder to me. The simple quotes and messages have made me ponder and realize much bigger things that I once loved and have forgotten growing up. Though small by size, the knowledge and the inspiration it offers has no bounds. Thank you to the team in IQ for putting up amazing content and always has something new to offer every month. Keep Inspiring.

  • – Tanya Pradeep, Kottayam, Kerala

    I enjoy reading Inspirational Quote and eagerly wait for it every month! It is the only magazine I take time to read cover to cover because I find IQ a treasure chest of unending inspiration. IQ helps me to augment my knowledge, elevates my mind and creates in me a cheerful disposition. I wish God's blessings on you and your team as you reach out to many through IQ.


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