• — Rins Padmattummal, Kerala

    "Inspirational Quote" is a magazine that I fortunately came to know about recently. I found it to be a source of positivity and was impressed with its quality of content. In addition to being informative, it also touches on the value aspects of everyday life. It can definitely motivate young minds to dream big and encourage them to pursue their dreams. Thank You, Inspirational Quote, for your service to society!

  • — J. Albert, Mumbai

    I am very happy to read your magazine IQ. It really inspires and helps me. I like the way you have structured the thoughts in it.

  • — Praveen Babu, Kerala

    IQ was introduced to me a few months ago in my formation house. It is interesting, enlightening, and sometimes challenging to read each item. It serves as a guide for reflection and personal growth. IQ, thank you for your support!

  • — Therese H. Vellore

    I am a regular reader of IQ for the last so many years. It is one magazine that keeps me anxiously waiting every month. My whole family loves it.

  • – R. Thingom, Impal

    I am an avid reader of IQ for the last many years. Throughout the years, it has been conveying all the basic elements of life. I read it from cover to cover and I introduce it to some of my friends. I really appreciate you and your staff for bringing out such a useful magazine. Long live IQ!


  • – Lujina Tudu, West Bengal

    I am a regular reader and recipient of IQ. I like to thank the entire team of IQ. You not only teach us to learn something, but also help us to acquire the goal of life. Every editorial is awesome and thought-provoking. May the IQ go a long way!

  • – Saul Abhishek, Kerala

    Each and every page in IQ really rejuvenates me. I feel opening IQ is like opening a Sacred Scripture when I am in desolation. The inspiring thoughts in this small yet strong magazine gives me more energy and it helps me to see things in a different way.

  • – Vaisali, Surat

    IQ is something that can really lift my spirit from the mundane to the sublime, giving substantial food for thought.

  • – Denver A. Pushpam, Bangalore

    I am a fond reader of IQ. It is a magazine for readers of varying age groups. The perfect blend of awe-inspiring anecdotes, thought-provoking quotes, mind-blowing riddles and enticing jokes make me enjoy the magazine.

  • – Monica Fernandes, Mumbai

    Kudos on your December issue of IQ. The Editorial 'The Symphony of Life' and the carefully chosen quotes on the topic were truly inspirational.

  • – Mathew D’Souza, Kerala

    I really love reading IQ and it is one of my favourite magazines. I like it and enjoy reading it, especially with a light heart and poetic inspiration. I don't regret reading it again and again.

  • – Velangani Polamarasetti, Thiruvananthapuram

    It is a tiny key to a huge treasure. It would unlock the hidden treasures within oneself. It's shortness in size and richness in wisdom always catches my attention with more curiosity. With short anecdotes and inspirational sayings, it brightens up my day with more joy and enthusiasm. Thanks IQ.

  • – J. Ranjan, Thiruvananthapuram

    The day I finish reading IQ I wait patiently for the next issue because it helps me grow in my spiritual and intellectual life. I thank the editor and his team for their inspirational messages and content, for their wonderful work for the people.


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